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Learn about Ron Briggs the drummer, musician, guitar, bass and drum teacher and music producer Vancouver, Langley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford music lessons for drums, guitar, bass & piano Live music, musicians and live bands services for vancouver / langley / fraser valley events & weddings, parties and corporate functions Ron Briggs in the media, drumming and music production samples Music production, artist development and music studio recording services from Plan B Productions Contact Ron Briggs for music lessons, music recording and production, live band and musician services

Ron Briggs offers recording, music industry, audio and music production, and live performance services

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In addition to drumming, Ron Briggs is also the founder and producer for Plan B Productions.

Plan B Productions serves as a unique resource for both artists and management, working closely with both to enhance their opportunities within the music industry.

The company specializes in 3 main areas:

  1. Music industry consulting & music career planning
  2. Audio production (demos, commercials, albums)
  3. Live performances (tours, gigs, special events)

Plan B Productions also offers the following individual services:

  • Advice and support to independent labels
  • Negotiations and project planning
  • Talent development and career counselling
  • Studio/recording techniques
  • Networking and industry connections coaching

Demos submitted will be reviewed and provided a constructive critique, including production and/or studio suggestions, specific to how well the demo serves its intended purpose(s) and how it might be improved upon.

For more information or to book services, contact Ron Briggs.